1. Owner/President: As President, Steve Terbrock works on all contractual issues, as well as provides all preliminary budget numbers/design input, project estimates and change order pricing. At the project level, he is involved in all OPG progress meetings and the onsite supervision of each project. Issues that you feel have not been sufficiently addressed by the Project Manager are the venue of Steve.
  2. Project Manager: The day-to-day communications occur between you and the Project Manager. This position is held by Kenny Lloyd or Steve Terbrock. The Project Manager is responsible for general project management, coordination and oversight. The Project Manager is involved in all OPG progress meetings.
  3. Administration Manager: Michelle Terbrock handles all Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. All questions regarding billing/draws and general office concerns are Michelle’s responsibility.

Steve Terbrock

Kenny Lloyd

Michelle Terbrock

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